Men Care About Skincare Too


In what seemed to be a female dominated category, skincare for men is making its way to the forefront on the race for eternal youth, and clean skin.

For many years’ men sneaked a pump or two of their significant others skincare products, too afraid to ask for advice or suggestions from their skincare know it all side kick.

Fast forward to the era of the “Metro Sexual Man” and you have a bevy of products to choose from. Men are now schooling women on the benefits of skincare, and happy to discuss their regime whenever the topic comes up.

Now for the hard part, how do decide which product is best for you?

Here are a few tips to take with you the next time you find yourself staring blankly at a shelf filled with products shouting “pick me”!

1. Anything applied to the skin is directly absorbed into the bloodstream. Look at product ingredients. A few to stay away from:



Artificial Dyes

Synthetic coloring


2. Men’s skin is just as sensitive as a woman’s, look for products with hydrating ingredients like Vitamin E and Argan Oil.


3. 3 in 1 products are great when you need to cover all of your bases in just a few minutes. Formulated with soap and conditioner 3 in 1 products clean, hydrate, and condition saving you the expense of three separate products to get the job done. If that wasn’t reason enough, a 3 in 1 saves you time in the shower, leaving you extra time to procrastinate on that yard work.



Ok handsome, now get out there and impress some people with your new-found knowledge on skincare.